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Elders and Deacons


Dana and Donny Coulter.jpg
Cowboy at the Rodeo
George and Norma 20140516_195824.jpg
Cabin by the Lake
Cowboy and Wild Horses

Donny Coulter - teaching pastor

Thane Hurlburt - Council Chair

Jim Proudfoot

George Reynolds

Henk Vanderberg


Sunflower Field
Education Books Bookshelfs

Congregational Care

Deacon: Joy Hurlburt

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Cat Staring Out of Window
Circular Library
Vintage Cars

Finance and Property 

Deacon: George Reynolds



Team members:


Treasurer: Gord Macintosh


Norma Reynolds




Building Maintenance:

George Reynolds

Christian Education and Outreach

Deacon: Sherry Akitt

Dana Coulter 

Administration and Church Clerk

Two Pens on Notebook

Deacon: Allison Malhi 

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