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Hello Creekside!

We will have an outdoor service so long as the weather is accomodating so please bring chairs and umbrellas for sun protection. Some will be provided so don't worry if you forget!

For all indoor services...

Below are a few things to think of as you prepare to come and celebrate:


  1. DO NOT come if you are showing any symptoms of sickness.  Please stay home and protect yourself and others.

  2. DO NOT come if you have been out of the country in the last 14 days.

  3. DO NOT come if you have been in immediate contact with someone who is positive for Covid.

  4. When you arrive please use the hand sanitizer provided at the front door as you come in and as you leave.

  5. The front door is ENTER only.  The back door is EXIT only.

  6. Main sanctuary doors are ENTER only.  Please EXIT the sanctuary through the single side door.

  7. The chairs and all touchpoints have been sanitized.

  8. There will be chairs spaced out individually.  Please move chairs to sit with your family cohorts.  Members of the same family units may sit together.  Please ensure that you are setting up your chairs with social distance in mind by being at least 6’ apart from others not in your cohort.  There will be ushers to help facilitate this process..

  9. Please maintain social distancing rules while you are at church.  No shaking hands or hugging.

  10. No more than 2 people in the washroom at one time.

  11. There will be no formal nursery or Sunday school.  If you need the nursery it is available.  There is hand sanitizer available in the nursery.  The Sunday school wing is closed off.  Please do not enter.

  12. We are not supposed to sing out loud.


If you have any questions please call Pastor Donny at 403-632-8559.  We know this is not the way it should be but it is what we have for now.  We will get back there someday.  We are together!  We will do this together.  I am excited to see you all once again for worship together.


In Him,


Donny Coulter

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